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Texas Level III Armed Security Guard Training

Looking to earn your Level III Armed Security Guard license in Texas? You’ve come to the right place! Our conveniently located training centers offer the best education at the best price and ensure you enter the security job market as a prepared, professional candidate. Whether you’re looking to rise up in the ranks or you’re entering the industry for the first time we can help you get started on your journey towards an armed security career.

The state of Texas sets forth strict requirements for all armed security guards and a Level III armed security license is required for most professional positions. The course itself is 30 hours of classroom and gun range instruction and is taught by our most experienced instructors. They’ve got years of practice in the industry and know that a variety of instruction methods are needed to get you fully prepared for your career as an armed security guard. It’s not enough for us just to get you licensed – we want to make sure you’re fully prepared to handle anything that may come at you while on the job.

You’ll learn such topics as weapon maintenance and safety, crisis management and legal liability as well as a variety of other applicable armed security topics. There’s a lot to know going into a career as a Level III security guard and we want to help you get there. If you’ve got questions about earning your license or any aspect of the course don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’re here to help.

Level 3 Security Guard Classes

We offer all of our Level III graduates access to free job board and we work hand-in-hand with some great Texas security employers. Whether you want to work for the government of the private sector we can match you with the right training for the right job. We’ll help you in applying for your armed security license as well so you can be on your way to getting legal faster than you ever thought possible.

Our training centers are conveniently located all over Texas and we offer our classes at all different times to accommodate busy schedules. Security Guard Exchange is the best and most affordable way to get a quality armed security education so call one of our centers now to get started in this exciting and growing industry. There is no shortage of armed security jobs in Texas…what are you waiting for?

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